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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Carson: ‘I have no problem being vetted,’ Hillary must get similar media treatment

Ben Carson has no problem getting vetted, but said in the GOP debate Tuesday that he does take issue with the media spreading lies about him.

Mr. Carson also said that he has a beef with the double standard in the news media, arguing that it should give a similar examination of Hillary Clinton’s record.

“I have no problem with being vetted, but I do have a problem is being lied about and then putting that out there as truth,” Mr. Carson said. “I don’t even mind that so much if they do it with everybody.”

Mr. Carson criticized Mrs. Clinton’s record on the attacks on the diplomatic post in Benghazi that left the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens of Libya and three others dead.

“When I look at someone like Hillary Clinton who sits there and tells her daughter and a government official that this was a terrorist attack and then tells everybody else that it was a video, where I came from they call that a lie,” he said, alluding to the original response that came out of the state department during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure.

Mr. Carson said the way the news media handled Mrs. Clinton on the issue is very different from the way they have attacked the story he has told about being offered a full scholarship to West Point.



Anonymous said...

Nothing against Dr Carson but is he watching the news?

Anonymous said...

There are no "full scholarships to West Point". They are appointments.

Calling it a full scholarship implies that there are self-paid tuitions and partial scholarships, which don't exist at any U.S. service academy.
There is also this to consider: graduates from the service academies are bound to six years of paid military service at junior officer ranks. Stellar performers can enter graduate schools during that time, but if they're full time and on the government's dime, additional mandatory service will be required by contract.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who vetted Hitler?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Obama got the "special minority pass".

Anonymous said...

Hillary has so many skeletons in her closet that she could furnish the anatomy labs at sixty universities.

Anonymous said...

If you read the recruiting literature that was given to students from West Point at the time Carson graduated, you will see that it is depicted as a "full government scholarship, which includes tuition, room and board, medical and dental care, and an annual salary."

This is the recruiting literature prior to appointment. A young black kid from Detroit, who wants to go to college, but doesn't have the money, reads this. Sounds like what would be termed a full scholarship for college to me, even though semantics say that any military academy is "free", pending your service to the country after graduation. He would read this and fill out the little mailer, and then someone would look for the backing for appointment for him. Carson's description of his experience may be confused or not the best way to say he was offered an appointment, but I don't think it can be deemed an out right lie.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone pretty much knows plenty about Hillary and Ben Carson is new to politics, so that's why there is so much scrutiny.