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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Virginia teacher put on leave for saying N-word during class

An online petition has gathered more than 1,300 signatures on behalf of a popular Virginia high school teacher who was kicked out of the classroom earlier this month for using a racial slur.

The petition claims history teacher Lynne Pierce, who is white, did nothing wrong when she uttered the “N-word” during a discussion with her students at Heritage High School in Newport News about racism, derogatory terms and the nickname of the Washington Redskins. Heritage is 90 percent black.

“She is a history teacher, she cannot be censored for teaching terms and beliefs that people had throughout history,” the petition says.

Pierce, a teacher for 40 years, landed in hot water Sept. 18 when a student in her Advance Placement U.S. History class brought up the Redskins and asked her what was the big deal.

"The kids kept saying, 'It's no big deal, it's a football team,'” Pierce told the Newport News Daily Press Thursday. “I said, 'How would you feel if people had a team named after another group?'"

WTKR-TV reported Thursday that Pierce then said to the class, “What would you think if someone started a team called the Newport News N----r?”



Anonymous said...

Obama's America at Large....

lmclain said...

All of you "teachers are overpaid" whiners take heed --
ONE WORD, after FORTY YEARS of teaching, and her job is on the line.
One word....that is used MILLIONS of times a day, by the very people complaining about it's use.
No other job is like it. No mater your tenure, skills, popularity, or awards for excellence, your job can go up in flames for the slightest error. At any given moment. Grab a kid who is killing another student? That's assault. Parents complain you "hurt" their gangbanger son and POOF! there goes your career. Get called every nasty, insulting name known, get threatened, get beaten up (happens EVERY DAY, several times across the nation), get robbed. No matter.
Do ANYTHING about it, including defending yourself, and there is an army of welfare mothers and sleazy lawyers waiting to feast on your blood and your job.
And the administrators (former friends now), who can't wait to prove how loving, diverse, and totally un-racist they are (their evaluation depends on that) will throw you under the bus in less than a minute.
It's a wonderful job environment.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Well let's get rid of the kids who say it in schools, hallways, lunch rooms etc.

Anonymous said...

Only white people in America can be censored. Black people say this same word every day and and they sing about it in every ghetto rap song. They call each other the same word, but once a black person says it they are toast.

Anonymous said...

It was a.freakin' history lesson, for crying out loud! The word was used in context of a darker side of U.S. history, not as an insult to any student or group. I wonder if the words "Whitey" or "Chuck" or "Cracker" were used to illustrate the names that white people were called.

Shiite White Folk said...

It came from describing those imported here from Niger and Nigeria and surrounding countries. It wasn't a derogatory term to start out with.
Read your history, and learn the facts!

Anonymous said...

Who cares! ! Another PC LIBITARD teacher who got bit in the ASS by her peeps. Good for her. Teach history if you know any.

Anonymous said...

Good - apparently, she was saying this to bolster her opposition to the Washington Redskins team name. She was trying to demonstrate to the students why the 'Redskins' name was a 'big deal'. Glad to see she took it one step too far and will now be eaten alive by the other morally-superior busybodies.