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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The collapse of American education continues as rich families pull their kids out of private schools

(NaturalNews) Many Americans are aware that the nation's public education system is bloated, expensive and incompetent, turning out millions of high school graduates who can't read, write or speak well, cannot accurately recite U.S. history, and know very little about civics and government. As a result, more and more Americans are pulling their children out of public schools and either placing them in private secular or religious schools or home-schooling them.

That hasn't traditionally been the case for wealthier Americans, however. For years, most of them have avoided sending their children to public schools, opting instead to send them to pricey, exclusive private schools where they presumably received better educations than their public school counterparts.

All of that seems to be changing now. As reported by CNBC, the wealthy are increasingly pulling their kids out of private schools and opting instead to hire private tutors for in-home instruction.

As the financial news network reported, part of the reason appears to be that competition at elite schools is becoming more fierce – so much so that even exclusive private educations won't adequately prepare the children of the elite:

As most children return to school, many affluent families are choosing to pull their children out of the mainstream education system altogether in favor of having a tutor at home – particularly as competition for places at the most prestigious schools heats up.

The need for full-time tutoring


Anonymous said...

Check out Seaside Christian Academy!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing though. You should have seen all the Obama bumper-stickers in the parking lot of the Salisbury School during the last election.

Anonymous said...

It is time for this country to rethink the public school system.
The public school system does not work, is corrupt, is nothing more than a democrat jobs program, and a way to indoctrinate young innocent minds into the stupid claptrap liberal, socialist mindset.

Anonymous said...

Ready for school vouchers yet? It is the only way for us to control the money and who gets it