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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SVN-Miller Advisors Sell Blackwater Terminal Facility

Sperry Van Ness – Miller Commercial Real Estate AdvisorsChris Peek, CCIM and Rick Tilghman, CCIM recently sold the Blackwater Maryland Terminal Storage & Distribution Facility in Salisbury, MD. The 27 acre property fronts on the Wicomico River and was purchased by Center Point Terminal Company, LLC, which was represented by Randy Bendler of Bendler Realty. Center Point plans to take over the Blackwater Services and continue to be an oil/fuel distribution facility.

“When our company decided to sell our industrial site in Salisbury, Maryland, we wanted a team of industrial real estate professionals that had local market expertise, along with the ability to extend our reach into a regional marketing plan,” stated Frank Marrocco, Vice President of Blackwater Midstream. “Chris Peek and Rick Tilghman at Sperry Van Ness worked tirelessly to find the right buyer for our site and assisted in all aspects of the deal from the start all the way through to a successful closing. My company was very satisfied with the results that Sperry Van Ness provided and would highly recommend their professional industrial real estate services.”


Anonymous said...

Thats the old gulf oil and esso or exxon fuel oil and gasoline holding and transfer facility.Lots of good jobs for companies with good pensions used to be there not no more and has not been for 20 plus years

Anonymous said...

So now Royal farms has their refinery. Randy is there man.

Anonymous said...

9:09 -

It's not a refinery. Go back into your hole.

Anonymous said...

7:47. You not so bright, read what I said. I don't see where it says it is a refinery. You so short sighted. If you grab both ears and pull you will hear a pop. Look around and think before you talk.