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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coastal Style Magazine Hosts Their "Best Of" Party At Seacrets

Talk about a packed house! This event was so huge, people had to find parking away from the Seacrets parking lot.

Jon & Erin Westman, (hosts above) truly know how to throw a party. The food was to die for and there was plenty of it. Samples were provided by an incredible selection of "Best Of" winners throughout the entire Eastern Shore. 

The Bands were very enjoyable but most of all the people there all had smiles on their faces and were clearly having a great time. 


Anonymous said...

Coastal Style is a lovely magazine. And before I get accused of working there or having an interest in the magazine~~~like I did with Beaver Dam pet foods~~~no I have no ties whatsoever to Coastal Style. I just happen to love the publication.

OC Gwen said...

Best Information Source - Salisbury Blog!

Anonymous said...

correction - SbyNews! OC Gwen

Anonymous said...

An enjoyable evening with wife and friends.