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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Jury as Liberty's Shield

It's no secret that government absolutely loathes juries. They are an obstacle, an encumbrance to greater power, and government sidesteps the jury trial any chance it gets. But a jury trial is our right as American citizens, for now, and government has to deal with it in most instances. So government settles for the next best thing: packing the jury box with the most gullible saps our society has on offer and hoping the State's slick lawyers and judges can cajole the jurors into delivering the desired verdict.

The government's beau ideal of a juror is a sap, a sheep, a serf who knows nothing of the law, or of rights, someone who would buy snow in the Arctic or sand on the Arabian Peninsula. They want malleable clay in the form of an unthinking person because they know government overreach is built upon such people.

But, oh, what power a jury has. Higher than a judge, the jury is the law. A quote from goes like this:

There are five boxes to use in the defense of liberty: the soapbox, the mailbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and the ammunition box. Use them in that order.



Anonymous said...

The jury pool can easily nullify any prosecution - as long as the law being prosecuted is sooo stupid as to piss off enough of the members....

lmclain said...

Jury nullification isn't allowed to be spoken of in open court --- the STATE doesn't want citizens to know that "we, the people" are the ULTIMATE judges of what is right and wrong.
Jury nullification should be advertised.
Instead, judges and State's Attorneys will JAIL you for talking about it in front of a jury. Like we aren't supposed to know ALL of our rights and powers, only the ones that serve THEIR interests.
Hang them, too.
The Tree of Liberty is sorely dehydrated.
Keep cheering.