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Monday, August 31, 2015

Three Eastern Shore WMA’s Temporarily Closed To Waterfowl Hunting

Three Eastern Shore Wildlife Management Areas (WMA’s) or portions of WMA’s in Somerset County have been temporarily closed to waterfowl hunting. The closed areas include crop fields managed for mourning doves where a portion of the crop has been mowed or manipulated. State and federal laws allow dove hunting, but not waterfowl hunting, in areas where a crop has been manipulated.

The areas have been posted with signs and will remain closed for September waterfowl hunting and will reopen for the October waterfowl seasons or sooner if possible. All other portions of the WMA’s will remain open for the September Resident Goose Season and the September Teal Season, unless previously restricted for management reasons. A press release will be issued when these areas are reopened for waterfowl hunting.

The WMA’s or portions of WMA’s closed to waterfowl hunting until further notice are:
  • Deal Island WMA (Somerset County): The portion of Deal Island WMA near Dames Quarter, located east of Riley Robert’s Road, north of the Deal Island impoundment, and east of the intersection of Deal Island Road (Rt. 363) and Messick Road.
The portion of Deal Island WMA near Wenona, located north of Custom House Road and south of Laws Thorofare. For more information call 410-543-8223.

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Steve said...

So, we still get to dove hunt here, just not waterfowl?

Anonymous said...

Sure if it makes you happy to kill little birds with hardly any meat on them....

Anonymous said...

They just did it and didn't say why? WTF.