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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Server Couldn’t Ignore the Things She ‘Overheard’ Two Firefighters Say During Breakfast

A server at a New Jersey diner picked up the tab for a pair of firefighters late last month when she overheard the two discuss how hungry they were after fighting a large warehouse fire for 12 hours without stopping to eat.

The two men, who had stopped at 130 Diner in Delran following a long day battling the New Brunswick blaze, asked server Liz Woodward, 24, to bring them the largest cups of coffee she had, TODAY reported

According to one of the firefighters who posted about what happened online, Woodward “overheard” them talking over breakfast.

[T]his is what she set down instead of a bill,” Tim Young wrote.

The server wrote Young and the other firefighter, Paul Hullings, a long note.


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Anonymous said...

Big ups to her for this gesture

Anonymous said...

Kind story all the way around. Some people don't need a hand out, they just need a hand up. Random acts of kindness, we could really stand to see more of it from the media. Was a time when I was growing up that family and neighbors took care of family and neighbors. I'm glad I was a part of that, many people couldn't tell you who lives two doors down in this area any more.

Anonymous said...

This is how my God works. Give him a try.

Anonymous said...

A rare jest these days , someone with values and religion.