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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The California Drought is Worse than You Think

From the half-million acres of parched and idle farmland to the swaths of receding reservoirs, the signs of California's historic drought are obvious.

Less obvious is just how historic the ongoing drought actually is when compared with previous dry spells in the Golden State's history.

A CNBC analysis of annual Palmer Drought Severity Index recordings, founded by meteorologist Wayne Palmer as a way to factor in both precipitation and temperature to track soil moisture, shows the nearly four-year drought is in fact the worst in over a century. The PDSI is used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as its main drought index. (Tweet This)



Anonymous said...

I know grapes need water, but doesn't the flavor intensify if the soil is a little dry. Maybe this will be good for California wine.

Anonymous said...

12:21 And that helps who? Women and gay men?

Anonymous said...

Now check how the EPA redirected water flow to save a endangered mouse!

Anonymous said...

I hope they all don't come east.

Anonymous said...

California does not have a water supply problem. In fact this drought is not unprecedented. California has a water consumption problem due to unrestrained building without corresponding water supply increases.

Anonymous said...

Maybe , just maybe it's time for them to break off the states and float out to sea. Bye Bye California queers.