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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bird Flu May Pose Serious Threat To State's Billion Dollar Poultry Industry

Maryland chicken farmers are on high alert. Maryland’s Department of Agriculture is sounding the alarm that the deadly bird flu outbreak could hit here this fall. 

It's already decimated millions of chickens and flocks around the country, and may pose a serious threat to Maryland's billion dollar poultry industry. 

Prices of chicken and eggs are both already high at grocery stores because of the avian flu outbreak that started last December in the Pacific Northwest. 

It's been spreading through the United States ever since. 

At Springfield Farm in Sparks, Maryland, Catherine Webb's chickens are happy and healthy, all 2,100 of them. 

"We rarely have a sick bird. They're outside, free-range. They're healthier than anything you're going to have that's raised commercially," she says.


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