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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Group calls for federal probe of Confederate flag supporter's death

JACKSON, Miss. (Reuters) - The Sons of Confederate Veterans asked the U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday to look into a car crash in Mississippi that killed an outspoken African-American defender of the Confederate flag.

Anthony Hervey, 49, author of "Why I Wave the Confederate Flag: Written by a Black Man," was killed on Sunday when the Ford Explorer he was driving to his home in Oxford, Mississippi, from a Confederate flag rally left the road and overturned.

The passenger in the car with him told local media there was a silver car occupied by several African-American men chasing them and may have run them off the road.

Hervey often sat at the Confederate memorial on the Oxford town square, sometimes wearing a Confederate uniform and waving a battle flag. He addressed crowds all over the United States and in Europe.



Anonymous said...

The Feds will sweep this under the table because this man was a supporter of the Confederate Flag. R.I.P. Sir!

Anonymous said...

Another case of black on black crime. How sad and I bet Obama won't comment on this.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the media didn't put Black Confederate Flag Supporter in the title. Yes they don't want you to read it. That's why the article is basically hidden.