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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Activists Planned to Burn U.S. Flag in NYC Park — When They Showed Up, These Guys Were Waiting

Anti-police activists were set to burn the American flag at a New York City park Wednesday evening, but their plans seemingly changed when dozens of bikers and veterans came out to counter protest.

Flocking to Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park, individuals opposed to burning the U.S. flag waited for the “Disarm NYPD” group to arrive. While most urged for peace, several bikers threatened violence toward anyone who would burn the American flag.

“We’re here to f*** up tiny liberal punks,” a biker who refused to identify himself told TheBlaze.



mack said...

AMEN TO BIKERS...MAYBE THAT is what we need in Office some Members of Biker Groups who are veterans and understand what FREEDOM means and who have fought for them and not just some young punks that never done nothing to make America better and not even having done nothing to make it better by serving in the Military and now want their way or no way...SCREW THEM..GO BIKERS..........

Anonymous said...

I hope NASCAR fans show the same fire now that the stars and bars have been kicked out of NASCAR. What a bunch of A$$E$ we have running this country.
they have no clue of real history or the flag itself. They are more offensive than the flag they criticize
wonder how they will react to the first ISIS flag that flies here? oops we wouldn't want to offend any foreign folks for their beliefs now would we.

Anonymous said...

Nascar has been losing fans for years. They really are stupid and maybe the beginning of the end for them.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish people would wake up and see the real agenda. The general public has been brainwashed and laden with propaganda from the mainstream media. You're being lied to. This flag crap is meant to divide an uneducated public further apart. Divide and conquer by an elite group the likes of George Soros, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Maurice Strong, Rothschild's, and Zbigbiew Brzezinski to turn us back to a global feudal system controlled by a new world order. But they have to brainwash the public into giving up your guns, your freedom of expression, and your soul. Anyone who knows history knows the motive for the civil war and every war after has been controlled by a sick elite to gain wealth. "Order out of chaos", "Gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelette", All for there "Greater Good"