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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Report: Blue crab populations up but not enough

An improving Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab population isn't being overfished, but growth targets still need to be met in the coming years, according to a report released Wednesday.

The 2015 Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Advisory Report collected data from the Bay-wide winter dredge survey and annual blue crab harvest estimates. Results detail insights into the crab population:

Female and juvenile crab populations are up and aren't being overfished, harvesting is down and regulations are protecting the female crab population.



Anonymous said...

The conclusion:It's nobody's fault.

Nothing has changed then has it?

Anonymous said...

A lot has changed. Watermen are getting older and passing away. No one is taking their place. Just take the last ten years and I think u will see what I mean.

Steve said...

Two weeks ago, there was a shortage.

Make up my mind!