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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Racist Signs Posted at Black Church Had Congregants on Edge — Many Were Surely Stunned to See Suspect’s Face

When racist signs were recently found posted outside of the predominantly black New Covenant church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pastor Roland Joyner said he “locked” the doors while congregants were inside worshiping out of fear.

“You shouldn’t have to lock your doors in the church,” the pastor observed at the time. “I’m speechless.”

But many were likely stunned to see a photo of the man suspected of leaving the racist signs, one of which referenced the Ku Klux Klan and another that warned “black men” they were the “target.”



Anonymous said...

He's no pastor. A pastor would never lock the doors. A true pastor would pray and let the Lord do his will . Whether it's die in that church or preach in it! A true pastor is ready to be received by the Lord. The same with Christians.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Holder, along with their cronies, are to blame for the state of race relations today! They have taken embers of the past and fanned the into a bonfire with their propaganda and rehtoric. Things were not this bad when I graduated high school in 1978! Sure mixed race couples were frowned upon but not treated like a leper, it was tolerated, now they (the cronies) act like we want to lynch such couples! Far from reality!!

Anonymous said... are a nut! Time and unforeseen occurrences befall us all! He should take all steps necessary to protect people.

Anonymous said...

Truth be known that is probably who is setting the churches on fire down south. People that hate so much that they want a racial war. Such a sad state when they are destroying history.

Anonymous said...

Christians are to be willing to die in Christ's name. Not to hide in a church with doors locked. The church doors should always be open.

Anonymous said...

Humans are so easily duped.