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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Police Officers Shoot An Unarmed Man In The Head For Asking For Their Help

The LA Times has reported that an unarmed man standing by the roadside, attempting to flag down two officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by waving his arms for help, has been shot directly in the head by the officers, injuring him badly.

LAPD confirmed to reporters that the incident happened around Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive south of Griffith Park. It is said when the man was taken to hospital, doctors listed his condition as critical.

According to a witness who saw the incident and filmed it, the victim had one arm wrapped in a towel while calling out, “police, police.” When exiting the patrol car, one of the officers instructed the man to “drop the gun,” although the man was unarmed. One of the officers then pulled his trigger, hitting the man in the head. Immediately after the incident happened, the witness, using the pseudonym ‘Manny’, captured and posted the incident on Twitter. ‘Manny’ also said the officer fired three bullets into the head of the man.

The Free Thought Project, said without the footage of the incident, knowing exactly what happened and knowing whether the police had justifiably shot the man, would have been difficult to determine.

In the video posted by ‘Manny’, the two officers can be seen rolling the motionless body over, revealing a massive head wound and large amounts of blood on the ground. Neither of the officers’ expressions, nor their actions, exhibited any sense of urgency or alarm. In fact, they demonstrated no sense of concern, whatsoever, for the dead or dying human being in front of them. To even further complicate the situation, they handcuffed the totally unresponsive body.



Anonymous said...

Disturbing. Hopefully these cops are taken off the street and charged with their crime.

bloggerhater1 said...

theyve got to have time to edit the video before they release it

Anonymous said...

Convenient that there is no video showing what led up to that... only what "manny" said. Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Last I knew waving a rag or towel to a cop on the highway meant distress need help. Just more scared cops.

Anonymous said...

Police are not here to help you. Get in line and stay in line or you will be next.

Anonymous said...

Finally you get. Coward

Anonymous said...

The more that I come to understand about cops, their motivation, training and actions, the more I am guilty of hate. I have tried to hold the moral high ground in observing law enforcement but my view has changed.
What I see are immoral power drunk thugs and cowards with little oversight. Who's actions are directed, taught and sanctioned by the various governments and courts.