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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NY Civil Rights Leader: Obama Used N-Word for Shock Value

Barack Obama's use of the n-word during an interview about race was done for shock value by a president with a "ghetto mentality," says Michael Meyers, president of the New York Civil Rights Coalition.

"He has a ghetto mentality. He wants headlines, he wants to shock people," Meyers said Monday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

"And at some point, he'll be urging us to ban the word because he already used it, so everybody else can't use it because, 'whoa, only I can use it, I'm Barack Obama.'"



Anonymous said...

He has gone to far this time. Time to impeach

Anonymous said...

I have applied for a job at the white house as court jester , did this a few months ago. Of course this would be a government job , so I don't expect an answer for at least six months or more.
I do believe his majesty would have to endorse this position.

Anonymous said...

Did not shock me at all because I truly believe he uses the N word all the time, just like all of them do.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody actually listen to the interview? Of course not, you just read about it. Go listen to the interview because context and tone are important, and you dont get those from reading about it. It wasnt said just for a shock.

Anonymous said...

7:30 I did listen and heard the context in which it was stated and the tone. It still does not justify his use of the word which would be an excuse for the MSM to crucify any white politician.

Anonymous said...

7:30 Yes we listened to the interview and his context was still out of touch. He focuses on the minority too much. You simply cannot change the hearts and minds of everyone in a country of 300+ million people. He needs to LET IT GO and focus on the MAJORITY of success.