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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For-Profit Schools Target Vulnerable Vets, Give to Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to defend veterans highlights her hypocrisy

Hillary Clinton took aim at the for-profit education industry last week saying it lies to military veterans to boost profits, but the industry’s most predatory schools are Clinton Foundation donors.

Clinton during an event in Nevada last Thursday accused for-profit schools of exploiting the so-called 90-10 rule in order to “target service members, veterans, and their families with false promises and deceptive marketing”; the rule, established by the amended Higher Education Act of 1965, caps the percentage of total revenue for-profit schools can receive from Title IV federal financial aid. The rule forbids for-profit schools from receiving 90 percent of their revenue from federal financial aid—but the amount of federal money they receive in the form of veterans’ benefits is not restricted—making service members and veterans attractive prey for the revenue hungry industry.

The school relying on veterans’ benefits most has been the for-profit University of Phoenix, which took in nearly $1 billion in G.I. Bill funds from 2009 to 2014 according to PBS.

The Apollo Group, which is the parent company of the University of Phoenix, has donated up to $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation and at least part of that donation came as recently as 2014.



Anonymous said...

This woman is really something.
A new scandal every day and nobody seems to even care.
Most of these scandals individually would have brought down an administration 30 years ago.
Now nobody gives a flip, as long as we elect a woman president.
This country is just about gone.

Anonymous said...

I'm a register Democrat and I agree 100%
with your statement.