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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Community Organizer to Black Youth: Avoid Forgiveness, Do Not ‘Police Your Rage’

In the wake of the gruesome massacre of nine black churchgoers by an angry racist white gunman in Charleston, South Carolina, comes an article that encourages black youth to be angry, racist, uninformed, unforgiving, intentionally opaque, and to explicitly exclude and ignore “white folks” in a direct call for unrest and anarchy.

The most shocking part is that the call for uncivilized radical action comes not from some obscure underground revolutionary manifesto, but from an author with a conventional liberal resume, including a writing gig at the Huffington Post and a previous executive position with an ostensibly positive program working with black youth.

The article is called 8 Things Black Folk Don’t Have to Do in Light of the AME Massacre and it’s published on the website Black Youth Project. The suggestions of what “black folk” don’t have to do include forgive, “police our rage,” “be peaceful,” or “explain ourselves to anyone — especially white folk.”

The article also suggests youth avoid staying informed about news developments, with the author describing major media as a tool of the white man: “Personally, I have not hate-watched any news coverage because I do not feel compelled to pad the pockets of white supremacist propaganda.”

The battle cry for unbridled racist exclusion, uninformed anger, and actions, including the refusal to “give up space,” shows how the radical agenda has become an acceptable part of public discourse in the Obama era.

A closer look at the author and her work also shows the disturbing connections between community organizing groups that paint themselves one way publicly, but seem to foster and promote a far different agenda when examined.

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Anonymous said...

The same can be said, with the races reversed.

But we do these things because we are civilized people. They are pushing us to the point, however, our rage will finally come to a head.

Anonymous said...

She is an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Obama a community organizer? ? Community organizer means I hate white people and I will teach you how to get over on them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone of you who had a child come home day after day being bullied and abused by another kid at school would eventually say, "I give you permission to deck him.".

Anonymous said...

They are pushing us to the point, however, our rage will finally come to a head.

June 24, 2015 at 1:45 PM

rage about what??