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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

12 Reasons Ben Carson Would Make a Good President

Retired doctor-turned-conservative star Ben Carson officially announced his candidacy for the White House on Monday in his hometown of Detroit, and there are several reasons the former Johns Hopkins head of pediatric surgery would make a great president.

1. He's a newcomer: Carson has never run for a public office and could bring a fresh, perspective to the White House should he transform his success as an author and speaker into a competitive campaign.

2. He's not politically correct: He often speaks out against the evil of political correctness in his speeches and interviews, and his position has been reflected in policy ideas and his six published books that don't always follow the straight conservative line.

3. He's for a flat tax: Carson has often spoken in favor of a flat tax to replace the nation's current tax structure, including citing the Bible in his arguments. He has not settled on a number, but says 10 percent is recommended in the Bible so he often recommends between 10-15 percent that is proportional across all income levels.



Anonymous said...

They got one chance and blew it. I won't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

They are also the reasons he will not be elected. He is not part of the establishment. I think he would be great but he will not win. Maybe the others that are running will learn something from him.

Anonymous said...

not being part of the "establishment" is what this country needs! Vote with your brain and not what "they" want you to think is the best candidate. He has a great chance if voters think for themselves. Dr. Carson is the best choice voters from both parties have had in a very long time. VOTE FOR BEN CARSON if logical decision making appeals to you.

Anonymous said...

Forced vaccinations. No way. That is enough alone.

Obama Crooked Socialist Bastardo said...

Ben Carson might not win, but he would make a great Vice President. He is much better candidate than any Democ-rat.

Anonymous said...

8:43, we already have forced vaccinations! We can't put out kids in school without them, and why not have a free thinking doctor who believes in the human product as a leader? Just look what we have now and see the death of America VS. Ben!

Anonymous said...

Really? This is your platform against voting for Ben. Irrational thought wins again.

Anonymous said...

He would make the difference
America needs!

Anonymous said...

None of these are good reasons at all.
1) No real experience
2)Offensive speaker
3)Unrealistic tax policies based on 2000 year old stories
4)People overwhelmingly like Obamacare and even republicans have had to admit it is working
5)Free-market advocate= trickle-down economics which does not work
6)BS for screw poor people (including children on food assistance)
8)Nothing to do with running a country
9)A genius that says someone could pay 1 million for a vial of ebola urine and start an epidemic
10)Used to the corporate world which is why he wants his rich friends to get richer at the expense of the poor
11)Backs social conservatism--meaning hes all for your rights and keeping the government out of your lives, unless its to tell you not to get an abortion or to get married if you're gay. Then government intervention is just fine.
12)Another tidbit that has nothing to with being qualified to run a country.
Anybody with half a brain would see this list as a list of negatives and not positives. He may be a great surgeon, but he is not qualified to run our country.

Anonymous said...

No. Rights and liberties do. If any contender wants to continue to strip our rights freedoms and liberties than I will not vote for them.