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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Anne Arundel County Officer Charged In Biting Man’s Testicles

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An Anne Arundel County police officer was arrested and charged with second degree assault and public intoxication after an he allegedly bit a man’s testicles in Canton Tuesday.

According to the charging documents, Cpl. Michael Flaig was charged after he got into a fight with a man outside on Cinco de Mayo.

Baltimore city police said the Flaig and the victim got into a fight outside the Looney’s Pub in the 2900 block of O’Donnell Street. The victim told police Flaig was groping a female friend and when he told Flaig to stop, he wouldn’t.

The victim began walking home along S. Linwood Street, but police said Flaig tried to punch the man. The victim avoided getting hit. Flaig then pulled the man to the ground and when he straddled Flaig to keep him from fleeing, police say Flaig bit the man’s testicles.


Editor Note: This story has been updated to include additional information 


Anonymous said...

OMG, when are they going to stop. Every day the news is about cops and what they are doing wrong. Do they not know the world is watching. That alone should make them think before they act. I am so tried of hearing all the bad stuff and people using that to hurt others. map

Anonymous said...

That's nuts!

Anonymous said...

That takes a lot of balls!! lol

Anonymous said...

Well he chose the right pub. Maybe a bobbing for apples memory?

Anonymous said...

Cops are not Gods they put there pants just like everybody else. this situation begs to understand how dysfunctional individuals become police officers? but hey everything goes in a street fight

Anonymous said...

He's not himself when he's hungry.