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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Governor Hogan Launches ‘Maryland Unites’ Web Page To Assist In Baltimore Relief Efforts


ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan today announced that his administration is launching a new Web page, “Maryland Unites,” as a way to provide information and encourage the public to lend a helping hand to the Baltimore community in the aftermath of this week’s rioting and looting.

The Web page is a resource for citizens to do three important things in support of Baltimore City:

1) Obtain up-to-date information from law enforcement officials and pertinent state agencies;

2) Donate to charitable organizations assisting community members who are in need; and

3) Volunteer to assist in clean-up and other efforts.

“We have received an outpouring of support from Marylanders and people all around the country who want to help get our beloved Baltimore back on its feet in the wake of the violence and destruction,” said Governor Hogan. “This Web page is a one-stop shop for citizens to help, and I encourage everyone to do what they can to assist Charm City at this difficult time.”

Please click here to view the Web page:

For real-time information on services and assistance in Baltimore City, please call the Department of Human Resources’ Information Hotline:1-888-756-7836.


Anonymous said...

Sorry gov but we the tax payers have put trillions into welfare.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.. they loot, burn and destroy the place where they live and work, and then we're supposed to feel sorry for them and rebuild it for them?

Maybe if they experience the hard consequences of their behavior, there would be more mothers like Toya Graham slapping knots on their kids' heads, and they'd have some attitude adjustments.

As it its now, if they bail them out (again), it will just happen again.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! Police aren't going to release report on Gray's death on Friday.
You know what that means. They need time to prepare for the war that's going to break out.

Anonymous said...

How stupid does he think we are, they burned their town, let them rebuild it. Better yet, their stupid big mouth mayor should be paying for it.

Anonymous said...

703 yep will the salisbury mayor wear his tootoo and slap the thugs fri sat night.

Screw them said...

Give them TOY R US TENTS....