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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Debunking Obama’s Bilious Baltimore Babble

It’s never enough. American taxpayers have surrendered billions and billions and billions of dollars to the social-justice-spender-in-chief. But it’s never, ever enough.

The latest paroxysm of urban violence, looting, and recriminations in Baltimore prompted President Obama on Tuesday to trot out his frayed Blame The Callous, Tight-Fisted Republicans card. After dispensing with an obligatory wrist-slap of toilet paper-and Oreo-filching “protesters” who are burning Charm City to the ground (he hurriedly changed it to “criminals and thugs” mid-word), the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner got down to his usual business: hectoring his political opponents and grousing that America hasn’t forked over enough money for him to make the “massive investments” needed to “make a difference right now.”

If we are “serious” about preventing more riots, the president declared, then “the rest of us” (translation: all of us stingy conservatives) have to make sure “we are providing early education” and “making investments” so that inner-city youths are “getting the training they need to find jobs.”

Narcissus on the Potomac wheedled that “there’s a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now.” Me, me, me! His laundry list of the supposedly underfunded cures that he can’t get through Congress includes “school reform,” “job training” and “some investments in infrastructure” to “attract new businesses.”

I’ll give POTUS credit: He can lay it on thicker than a John Deere manure spreader.

Let’s talk “massive investments,” shall we?

In 2009, Obama and the Democrats rammed the $840 billion federal stimulus package through Capitol Hill under the guise of immediate job creation and economic recovery. An estimated $64 billion went to public school districts; another nearly $50 billion went for other education spending. This included $13 billion for low-income public school kids; $4.1 billion for Head Start and childcare services; $650 million for educational technology; $200 million for working college students; and $70 million for homeless children.



Anonymous said...

I believe people are beginning to see the truth with these foolish liberal laws and worse the continual blaming of Republicans. For the better part of 50 years this state and especially Charm City have been run by Dems.
Wasn't it O'Malley who bowed to the teachers unions and disallowed Charter Schools?
But no worries, I believe that has been one of Hogans successes.

Anonymous said...

the training they need to get jobs? what jobs? who is training them? the children have their meals at school. the classroom is 30 to 1. if it takes a village, the adults of said village need to stand up and stop relying on the government to feed, house, clothe and bathe them. vicious cycle of government funded poverty.

Anonymous said...

In some cases, these kids have been taught to stay on public assistance, being handed down like some sort of legacy. Most of them don't want a job. Used to work at a convenience store; some would ask about a job, but when offered an application, said no, just asking for unemployment reasons. A regular customer was pregnant every time you turned around, always on food stamps. When I left, she was up to 8 children that you & I pay for!