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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Drudge on Baltimore Riots: ‘America Could Fall’

Chaos continues as authorities accused of failing to deal with unrest

Matt Drudge warned that America could fall in the aftermath of riots that tore through Baltimore yesterday as thousands of National Guard troops were called up to deal with potential further unrest.

“America, and everyone in it, must take a collective deep breath. The country could fall,” Drudge tweeted.

Following widespread looting and arson attacks yesterday afternoon, the riots continued into the night, with many accusing Baltimore authorities of failing to respond quickly enough to the crisis.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake waited for around 5 hours to even make a statement as businesses burned and gangs of violent mobs ran riot, prompting Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan to imply that the Mayor had waited too long to call out the National Guard, telling a reporter he was “glad that she finally did” make the decision.

During the press conference attended by Rawlings-Blake and other officials, hostility appeared to be targeted more at the media than the rioters, with accusations flying that the press refused to focus on “peaceful” demonstrators.



Anonymous said...

Ahhh??? BOO????

Anonymous said...

It's always some else who is at fault , not people who riot and burn , now it's the people who didn't control them. They don't want control.
They had permission steal and burn from their mayor and president.

Scott said...

There is a very high unemployment rate, especially among black youth.
There are many, including me who have lost their job due to trade agreements and outsourcing by corporations, enabled by our government.
In another words, our government has let its people down, and due to greed and corruption they no longer represent us.
Because of this, there is a lot of anger and mistrust in government and the corporate controlled institutions like the media.
The patriot act also makes us, the citizens of this country the enemy. There is nothing patriotic about the patriotic act!!!
This president has created more division between the races as well.

Anonymous said...

has this guy been under a rock?

Anonymous said...

This guy is a moron...