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Friday, March 13, 2015

Sen. Cornyn: Obama's 'Unilateralism' Reason for Iran Letter

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn defended the controversial GOP letter to Iranian leaders as he ripped into President Barack Obama for acting like he’s the sole authority on foreign policy in Washington.

In a wide-ranging interview with Yahoo News, the Texas senator said that the president is "in denial" about Iran and that "Congress has a role" to play in the negotiations with the Islamic-led state to prevent the country from building nuclear weapons.

"I know that the president is in denial and wants to reject Congress' appropriate role," Cornyn said during the 30-minute conversation in his office overlooking the Supreme Court. "All our letter pointed out is that our government isn’t a monolith, and that the president doesn’t wield all the authority and power under our Constitution — that we’re a government of separated and divided powers."

He continued, "In particular, I think the important point was made that the term of any agreement [the president] might strike with Iran will not outlast his term of office, absent Congressional approval.

"What the president seems to be on a path to doing is trying to secure some sort of legacy settlement with Iran over its nuclear weapons, but it can’t last more than 21 more months if it was signed today."

Drawn up by Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, the letter from 47 Republican senators warned Iranian leaders that any nuclear deal reducing tough economic sanctions against the Mideast country should have congressional approval or the next president could overturn it in 2017.

"Congress has an appropriate role to play, and the president has rejected that. I think all this letter does is state the fact that the president doesn’t have plenary authority under our form of government."



Stu Stinchfield said...

Bla bla bla its all politics everyone ,including Iran, understands that except Obama and some real idiotic democrats.The whole world,with the exception of the above mentioned idiots,knows what ever deal is made with Iran is just a waste of time as they have no intenion of living up to any agreement.

Anonymous said...

Exactly..they just want to lull us for a while

Concerned Retiree said...

Obama never has had any experience in foreign policy. I don't even know if he can spell it. He has fooled everybody to believe he is smart. A donkey / jackass is smarter than he is and that is an insult to that class of animal.
Obama in foreign policy, ISIS / Iran, is like comparing Pop Warner football to the New England Patriots.