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Friday, March 13, 2015

Ocean City Eyes Mobile Pay Parking App For Coming Season

OCEAN CITY – The Town of Ocean City is planning to collect proposals for a pay-by-phone smart phone app for parking in the hopes of having it active by this summer season.

The Transportation Commission met on Tuesday morning to discuss the potential of a parking pay-by-phone smart phone app. Following the presentation, the commission was in consensus to forward a favorable recommendation to the full Mayor and City Council at the work session later that day for approval to pursue vendors in order to have the app active by the 2015 summer season.

Public Works Deputy Director John VanFossen recognized a pay-by-phone app as an “On the Horizon” objective in the town’s Strategic Plan for “Quality of Life Services”, and Public Works has been reviewing information on mobile applications to provide pay-by-phone services for Ocean City’s Cale parking meter program. Using a smart phone app, patrons will have the convenience to pay for parking using their smart phone or tablet. This type of program would improve services by offering an additional option of payment for the Town of Ocean City.



Anonymous said...

I can see it coming. Pay (by phone) toilets. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

This is great. Mvoing forward is good. When is the last time you paid for a toilet?

Anonymous said...

Avoid little DC.

Anonymous said...

Will it actually be bid, or will it be another inside deal?

Anonymous said...

The next story you read about this will be to tell you how much money they've lost because of being hacked.