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Tuesday, January 13, 2015




On January 13, 2015, Lavar Kinte Campbell, age 38, of Glen Burnie, Maryland was convicted by a Wicomico County jury of possessing cocaine and marijuana with the intent to distribute the drugs.

The charges against Campbell arose out of his actions on May 14, 2014 when a rental car in which he was a passenger was stopped for traffic violations. A K-9 was called to the scene and alerted to the odor of controlled dangerous substances. During a search of the vehicle deputies found 3.6 grams of cocaine, 98 grams of marijuana (packaged in 18 individually wrapped bags), and over $5,000.00 in U.S. Currency.

Campbell was sentenced today as a subsequent offender, having been convicted of possessing cocaine for distribution in 2008 and 1998. Because this conviction made him a third time offender he was sentenced to 25 years of incarceration without the possibility of parole.

Wicomico County State’s Attorney Matthew A. Maciarello commended the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police for their work in the investigation and prosecution of this case. Mr. Maciarello also thanked the citizens of Wicomico County and Safe Streets Prosecutor, Richard J. Brueckner Jr., who prosecuted this case.

For more information or for an interview please call the Office of the State’s Attorney at (410) 548-4880 or go to


mack said...

He is a clear reason why we need a DRUG DEALER / OFFENDER REGISTRY. We need to know who these people are to protect our families from them. As they are nothing but BAD news for where they live / hang and everything else.

Anonymous said...

I know Var. Very nice guy.

Very draconian laws. 25 years, really?

Why not just execute him instead, I mean 4 ounces of weed and a eighth of coke? Big time there.

Also I'm pretty sure Var is from Crisfield, not Glen Burnie.

Anonymous said...

The sheriffs office can't handle what they have now! How can we keep up with all of them mack?

Anonymous said...

Rich go to rehab. Poor go to jail

Anonymous said...

6:47, yea, nice guy who's job it is to sell drugs and bring trash into the neighborhood he lives in.
How do I know? I got one behind me. And the gutter filth that filters into our neighborhood sucks.
Junkies and gang banging pieces of human trash.

They all think they are so slick, like we have no clue wtf they are doing there.

Yea we see you, we know what is going on.

PD is such a joke, the ONLY time they make a bust is in a vehicle and the dealers know it. So it's free sailing for those who sell their drugs from home.

Come and get em folks, walk right up, drive right up, pedal your trike on up to the dealer on E Church St. All are welcome, cops won't touch ya!

Anonymous said...

He was a ----passenger---- in a ----vehicle---- with drugs. No where does it say he had drugs on him. He also took a jury trial which means he felt strong about his innocence. He took a gamble and lost.

Funny how the system works. If he's found not guilty the state walks away scott free but if hes found guilty he's incarcerated for life over some draconian law.

All the heroin is being imported through Dover Air Force Base from Afghanistan. It's black budget financing.

The CIA imports it and sells it to impoverished minorities.

The impoverished minorities sell it to whomever.

The police make a living chasing and arresting the impoverished minorities.

The prison industrial complex houses those arrested and charges the taxpayer large sums while spending a pittance on the actual prisoners.

The state gets free labor in exchange for "good" time reduction on sentences and has an unquestioned reason to tax and ticket the average taxpayer always in need of a bigger budget to pay for law enforcement and prisons.

Anonymous said...

12:09 AM What the hell are you smoking?

Anonymous said...

6:47 PM
Got Var's back, right? Var's such a nice guy, why does he have priors like that???? Var seems like scum, just pitiful that honest people will have to support him with three hots and a cot for 25 years. I have a better solution...tree and a rope!

Anonymous said...

People in poverty sell drugs for a variety of reasons. Namely to pay the rent.

Everything is going okay at the moment. I understand. You have no sympathy for the poor because you aren't a part of them and if you're okay it must be their fault that they aren't.

Where is your demand and outrage to find the major importers?

Is this the best your Barney Fife police force can do? Arrest street dealers? With all the money that they extort from the public and the dealers you'd think you'd get much better results. Of course when they collude with the importers it's no wonder nothing is ever done.

Tell me, does Var or any of the others have the resources to import heroin into the United States? How on Earth is so much getting here?

It's called research. Something you wouldn't understand because your education is derived from what the media tells you, unquestioned.
You don't think we're in Afghanistan over radicals do you? No sir. Everyone that has fought and died in the middle east has died for oil and opium. Iraqi oil, and Afghani opium.

There many white families here on the Shore who have, are, and will lose family member to heroin. Sadly, your own government is the root cause of it. And these low level dealers are who they sacrifice to appease your conscious.

If they can track UBL on a satellite phone do you really believe they don't know who's bringing in metric tons of heroin?

Anonymous said...

AMEN 6:11

Anonymous said...

I have got to stop posting so early in morning. So many grammatical errors on that previous post.