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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Democratic Mayor Of Syracuse Appoints Nation Of Islam Minister To School Board

Stephanie Miner, the Democratic Mayor of Syracuse, N.Y., appointed Mark D. Muhammad to the Syracuse city school board last week.

Muhammad is a minister in the Nation of Islam — a very wealthy, U.S.-based religious organization that mixes the tenets of Islam with notorious notions of black supremacy. The current leader of the Nation of Islam is Louis Farrakhan.

Muhammad, 54, will serve the remainder of the term to which commissioner Bill Bullen was elected until the next election in November, reports The Post-Standard. (Bullen is leaving town.)

In addition to his role as a Nation of Islam minister, Muhammad is an adjunct professor at Syracuse University and an assistant communications professor at Onondaga Community College (also in Syracuse).

“Mark is a positive influence on our community and has been for many years,” Miner said in a statement obtained by the Post-Standard. “I am confident he will go on to do good work for the children and families of the school district.”



Anonymous said...

This is disheartening..... appointing someone who represents the worst by these two organization to supervise the education of our children just doesn't seem right to me!

Anonymous said...

The muzzies are going to continue to take over our Government and our property if we continue to let them.

Anonymous said...

Libs are supporting the destruction of our country since it is so bad and Muslims are so righteous.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely astounded that some(MANY) americans are so stupid. we will all pay for that ignorance because our politicians are letting it happen.