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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Nice $800 Million Renovation Contract

The Cannon House Office Building gets an $800 million renovation. The building across the street from the Capitol is 107 years old. USA Today reports stone is falling from exterior columns and plaster is dropping from the ceiling. Pipes are corroded and bursting and the Cannon Caucus Room floods when it rains. The renovation work will restore stone, plaster and other materials in the building. It will also replace Cannon's heating, A-C, electrical and water systems. The renovation is expected to take ten years. House members will still be able to work in the building during the restoration.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank God! 800 million is twice the number of American citizens. I think EVERYONE is worried about the cannon house being restored to its full glory for the members of Congress to enjoy. This is critical. We all love passing government property to see the beautiful landscaping and fine architecture that we can no longer afford ourselves. We prefer to go to work and pay for the government workers to have more ammenities at their government offices. We have no interest in keeping that money in our own private businesses to provide for our own offices.
800 million dollars. 800 million dollars.
Go away, government. Stop robbing us and spreading the poverty.