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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Help Me Better Understand How Your Local MSM Benefits You

Today is a prime example of just what Salisbury News delivers on a regular basis for local viewers.

Considering we deliver news in real time, it seems to me that by the time IMPORTANT issues like MILLIONS of dollars being spent at the very last minute by an outgoing County Executive and outgoing County Council members would be extremely important to Wicomico County Taxpayers. 

Your local Main Stream Media will, (hopefully) follow our lead and perhaps expose that happened earlier today. Noticed I said, "happened". By the time you get their version, millions of your tax dollars have been spent and you can do NOTHING about it. Yeah, liberal media at its best. 

It's almost perfect. Council Members hide agenda information purposely so-as the public won't attend the meeting. Then the Council makes sure there's no public comment. Do you think the media will actually attend the meeting today? Better yet, do you think they'll actually interview TAXPAYERS outraged by moving such crap forward? Nah, they'll go to some gas station that advertises with them and ask challenged people who are absolutely clueless about taxes, the Council, the Executive and they'll hand feed them what they MIGHT want to say in advance. Oh, don't tell me you've never noticed that before!

So help me out here. How does the main stream media benefit you?


Anonymous said...

I use Salisbury times for local sports results, obituaries, local events and classified ads. I do review local news for things I may have missed elsewhere but there is little else.
I get local news mostly from and Md Coastal Dispatch (Fridays on-line and facebook).
National and International news comes from Fox news. Pro and college sports on-line

Anonymous said...

Well, I went to that meeting and there was no press there. It was announces at the beginning of the meeting that the 16.25 million bond issue had been taken off the Agenda. Sheree Sample- Hughes made it a point to question why. Matt Holloway explained that since the County Executive's seat was about to change hands and the Bonds would require Bob Culver's signature, it should wait to be discussed with him instead of Pollitt. She sounded pretty disappointed that it had been taken off the table without being notified or even straw polled in advance!

Our local MSM's write their stories with their own agenda in mind, and fail to report on anything of real importance. At least they get most of the Obits right, and some local sports are covered as well. SBYNews is the news leader here, and gets the lowdown on things that NOBODY would imagine might be going on.Then it's Fox for national and international news.

Anonymous said...

Your question is how does the MSM benefit me.
I only listen to and watch FOX TV, I think they are the only honest ones left . At least they do show some proof and it makes sense . Considering Fox and this Blog , it is reassuring for me to know we aren't at the bottom yet.
These two MSM (FOX and this Blog)
Keep me posted on the latest events that are important to me and my family.
Just remember , at times I have felt like doing some bad a$$ $hit because of big issues like Ferguson and Pelosi and some others. At least I can put things in perspective most of the time with accurate information.
Anyway thank GOD for these two stations.

Anonymous said...

Only use the Daily Times for the obits. Local news I come here and national news it's Fox. Don't use WMDT or WBOC for anything. If I lived in Delaware I might cause that's all they report on. I also think it's funny how the Dispatch has more Salisbury news in it than the Times does. Amazing.