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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Looks like it's time for the annual middle school sex survey compliments of MSDE

Hi Joe:

Have you see this? I thought you might want to give your readers as much notice as possible.

From what I can tell the Opt Out forms have been given to the Worcester County Middle School children to give to their parents for completion. The form only needs to be completed and returned (by the student) if the parent(s) does not want the student to participate in the annual survey.

This is the same procedure used for opting out of the Sex Ed genitalia modeling class that took place last year with the 7th grade class at Stephen Decatur Middle School. I know for a fact, many parents never saw the opt out form that was to be delivered to the parents by the students.

I find this to be a very disturbing trend toward further sexualizing our children during school time and creating a distraction from learning. I plan to attend the Worcester County BOE meeting tomorrow to read the letter to the elected BOE and tell the BOE the state has no business requesting personal information from minor students. I will request they stand up to the state and propose a vote to cancel the survey.

Do you know if the survey has taken place in Wicomico yet?

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Anonymous said...

After AEW from what I understand.