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Friday, October 31, 2014

What Military Hardware Has Your Local PD Been Stockpiling? This Database Can Show You!

Americans are rapidly becoming more aware of the extreme militarization of domestic law enforcement that has been steadily transpiring since the early 90’s.

Over the past few weeks, due to the events in Ferguson, many have gotten a glimpse into the massive militarization of the domestic law enforcement apparatus.

The images of the militarized police beamed across America were more reminiscent of the military operation on the battlefields of Afghanistan than those of a domestic law enforcement operation in a town of 25,000 people.

This has prompted citizens across the U.S. to question just what type of military hardware their own local police have been acquiring.

While there is a growing awareness that local law enforcement has been receiving massive amounts of surplus military hardware under the federal 1033 program, authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act, exactly what equipment local law enforcement agencies have been stockpiling has remained largely obscured from the public’s view.

Until now…



Anonymous said...

Militarization of American Police is not occurring. Put your tin foil hats on!

ginn said...

Either you're on some hallucinogen and haven't been of this earth for the past 13 years or you're sarcasm is top notch.