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Friday, October 31, 2014

A Letter To The Editor 10-31-14


Based off of MJ Caldwell's Facebook post tonight, I thought you might be 
interested to know the following campaign expenditures for the two CCJ 

Jimmy Sarbanes: $68,432.00

MJ Caldwell: $17, 635.12

In a race that should be so sensitive to huge donations (since the winner could 
potentially determine a verdict or sentencing for their donor in the future), 
the amount of $ spent on behalf of Sarbanes is unbelievable (well actually, it's 
a little too believable).
Click READ MORE below to see documentation. 




Anonymous said...

I went to vote yesterday afternoon after work when I was accosted by the entire Sarbanes Klan. I tried to duct them, but Tony chased me down and cornered me in the parking lot. It was all I could do to get away from him after he begged me to vote to retain "Judge Jimmy." I was then greeted, no accosted by a black guy and a woman wearing stupid looking Sarbanes t-shirts on backwards forcing the Sarbanes cards on me. Then I was ran down by the Sarbanes mother who was blocking my path near the opponent as if she didn't want me to go near him. She reached out and grabbed my hand and held it tight with her 2 hands and said you know me and tried to engage in petty talk before she begged me to vote for her loving son Judge Jimmy. The whole time I wanted to barf because I have seen her everywhere and she was to good to speak to me then. Guess where Judge Jimmy was? He just got there and stood back and watched never coming over to say hi or anything. They all looked like the Greek Beverly Hillbillies with those t-shirts on backwards. Then after I finally broke lose I was able to make my way to MJ Caldwell and gave him a big hug. MJ you got my vote.

I was told that Mommy and Daddy Sarbanes has been working very hard to get their little boy elected. Let me tell you one thing if that boy acts like he did just standing there and letting mommy, daddy and others do his job to get elected what kind of job do you think he does on the bench.

Everyone should quit feeling like they are friends with the Sarbanes and vote for the best person for the job. MJ was and has been very respectful and doesn't force himself on you. Vote for MJ Caldwell.

Anonymous said...

One would have to look at the donations from:
The Sarbanes family and friends;
The Democratic party-affiliated
special interest groups, and;
The out-of-county and state
money as a whole.

It most certainly appears that this is not a local or county-wide election in terms of candidate promotion; it's more a scream to control the Courts (the third branch of government) with Democratic tools and to continue the Sarbanes legacy in Maryland.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad to see a position go to the person with only cash and a last name as the qualifications possessed by that person. And he'll be in it for 15 years.

Anonymous said...

I heard that unqualified just like the President! Just what we need a Hip Democrat Judge that politics at all the local sporting complexes and the 501 -c organizations! The Fruitland Little League and the Falcons are in love with this Democrat!! Are they allowed to campaign for people?

Anonymous said...

I have been talking to people that I know who have Sarbanes signs in their yard. My first question is why do you have his sign in your yard? The answer inevitably comes back as "Well I know the Father" or " I know the Mother". Not one of these people has ever told me that they know Jimmy and feel he is the most qualified.

It seems everyone is working thier butt off to get Jimmy elected but Jimmy.

LOOK FOLKS!! THE GUY DOES NOT WANT THE JOB!!! PERIOD. If he did he would be more involved. I am sure he knows this is a sham and I can't help but thinking he also knows that the people throwing money at him now will one day show up at his door wanting something.

Anonymous said...

The scary thing is that his 15 year term is actually longer than he has been practicing law.

Let that sink in.

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody is trying to buy their way into a judge's position.

Anonymous said...

It should be a model for how to buy a judgeship - by the Sarbanes family and the liberal elite.

How disgusting!

Anonymous said...

These details are crazy!

Good for MJ not to solicit funds for this election. It is out of control how much money Sarbanes has raised for a judgeship!

Please pin this to the top so everyone can see this rampant borderline corruption in our county!

dewy said...

11:00 - Don't speak for the good people at Fruitland Little League and Fruitland Falcons.. It's obvious you have not been hanging around the right water cooler..

Anonymous said...

I am liberal democrat but I will not vote for Sarbanes. I do not believe in buying elections.