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Friday, October 17, 2014

West Ocean City Harbor Receive National Recognition for Boating Access

After undergoing major renovations in 2011, the West Ocean City Harbor, which provides top notch boating access to the Atlantic Ocean and Maryland’s Coastal Bays, earned the national Outstanding Large Project Award. The States Organization for Boating Access (SOBA) presented the award last week to project partners ─ the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Worcester County ─ at its annual conference in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The completely renovated facility has a six-lane boat ramp, two ADA-compliant aluminum floating piers and a 73-foot vinyl sheet bulkhead. It also features a repaved 153-space parking lot. The makeover was critical, as the facility was originally constructed in the mid 1970s and last remodeled in 1988. Owned and operated by the county, the site is free to use, open year-round, and serves 100-150 boats per day during the summer.

“On behalf of DNR, congratulations to John Tustin, the Director of Public Works for Worcester County, for undertaking what is now a nationally-recognized boating access project,” said Mark O’Malley, DNR director of Boating Services. “Because of his hard work and leadership, this facility will serve boaters for many years to come.”



Anonymous said...

They forgot to mention the dnr camp out there in the summer and collect lots of cash for the state. So it's not really free, and don't we pay taxes? Didn't they use OUR money to build and maintain it. I use it all the time. Leave before sun up, come back after dark and the gov't workers are gone.

Anonymous said...

O'Mally Director of Boating Services, can we say "DNR please keep it in the family."