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Friday, October 17, 2014

City Water Shows No Legionella

Results came back negative for all six areas of the city’s water supply tested for Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaire’s Disease.

Each site was in the vicinity of 145th Street, the area that tested positive for the disease a few weeks ago.

Officials launched the initial investigation after two visitors who had stayed at the Econo Lodge on the same street contracted Legionnaire’s Disease. It revealed the bacterium, which causes a form of pneumonia when a person inhales water vapor, steam or mist carrying it, in the motel’s water system and in a 145th Street fire hydrant.

“Luckily, all six test samples came back negative,” said Jessica Walters, communications manager for the Town of Ocean City.


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Anonymous said...

So who pays for the law suit the two folks who contracted it are gonna file? The hotel it was contracted at or the city who supplies the water? Prob the city since It was found in other water sources