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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hey, I Don't Know Where The Pittsville Money Went

Michael Moore, (possibly a distant relative of Denver Moore) would also like to know not only what happened to the missing funds in Pittsville, Maryland. We'd also like to know why Denver just ran an ad in the Daily Times for a job position while using a P.O. Box in Delmar, Delaware.

Oh, so what position did he run an ad for, a Bookkeeper of course. That's right, the Town Bookkeeper flat out quit and walked off the job. Can't say as I blame her.

In the mean time I am receiving calls on a daily basis asking what the update is with the States Attorneys Office and the possible investigation of such mentioned missing funds. My reply each time is that I would not expect Matt Maciarello to make any comment on an ongoing investigation, so only time will tell. 

That being said, just pull out today's Daily Times classified ads, (no, it is not listed on line) and you'll see the ad. I don't know about YOU but I know I would never want to take on a job in that kind of environment. At least now you know where that particular ad is referencing. It is NOT Delmar, DE. 

If someone who does get the daily times wants to send me an image of this ad I will post it. However, I'm not wasting my good money buying that paper. 


Anonymous said...

We all know where it went! In Carla Moore's pocket, to be disbursed freely to all her boyfriends, and buddies! Ask Wesley White, and Shaunna Price they will gladly tell you!

Anonymous said...

Got to be kidding me, Pittsville is starting to look like circus with the clowns that are running it.

Anonymous said...

Which bookkeeper quit?

Anonymous said...

They will not get anyone of any professional characteristics to work there as long as Denver Moore is there. He was part of the theft as he was signing the checks. He can play dumb but if he or any other council person was signing a check that they had not confirmed what it was for should be gone too. Just last week we had the chlorine leak and he had no clue what to do. He is the one that put the new bookkeeper in the large meeting room. Move his big a$$ out of that office and let the bookkeeper who does the work sit in that office and if he wants to come hang out then he can sit in the large meeting room.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you posted this because I was getting ready to respond to that ad. I saw it had a Delmar, Delaware post office box number and as I live in Delmar. I could have walked into something that I definitely wouldn't want to get involved in. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I heard it pays $12.00/Hour and all you can steal