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Tuesday, September 16, 2014



Anonymous said...

I do not like the picture, but do understand the inference.

Anonymous said...

What I despise most in the image is that written muslim name. For many years he chose to be Barry Sorento, but when Liberal Democrats presented him, he/they chose to make him sound muslim, pandering to muslims throughout the world, all the while laughing at and thumbing his two toned nose at real everyday Americans of all races. And to see men in uniform represented in this image who fought, many times died, sacrificed for their country and their families, be representative of raising the 18th hole golf flag for a foreign traitor, pisses me off to no end. While military men and women fought and died in Viet Nam this foreign muslim sat around some where else in the world, smoking dope, chasing white women only (his preference) and going to college while someone else paid his bills, just as he and his family mooch on the government today and never once did he lift a finger to serve the country he suckled and continues to suck dry. If he was actually born an American, then he was a draft dodger with at least two social security numbers so why is he not in jail? Who manipulated his presidency? Will they again do the same for the lying white witch of Defense who is even more corrupt and dishonest, just waiting in the backdrop for her cue? I refuse to look at or listen to his shuck and jive b.s. routine, online or on TV. His lack of truth is a given. He definitely does NOT represent the things that I hold dear about Americans and the country in which we all live. He's a no truth traitor just as is the foaming white witch is waiting to be president.

Anonymous said...

One "R" to many.