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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Enterovirus D68 Makes Its Way To The Northeast, Officials Confirm

The mysterious respiratory virus that's been making children sick across the United States has made its way to the Northeast.

More than a dozen cases of enterovirus D68 have been confirmed in New York state, officials said Friday, and said that two Connecticut hospitals have reported possible cases.

The virus, which is responsible for sending dozens of children to hospitals in the Midwest, especially affects children with asthma. There is no vaccine and, because it is a virus, there is no cure.



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Anonymous said...

You can thank Obama for this. I and my children could not enter the school system without immunizations. Obama has placed illegal children in schools without immunizations. Once again Obama has broken the laws of our Country and we don't have one republican with the balls to call for an impeachment vote.

Anonymous said...

This virus did not come from Mexico. Try reading and educating yourselves, you might not sound so stupid then.

Anonymous said...

Unmentioned in the mass media--polio is an enterovirus, very similar to the pathogen in this epidemic, and some of the now-thousands of "victims" have suffered paralysis as a result of their infection.
Why is the Emperor's DHS and HHS hiding the locations where these thousands of child so-called "refugees" from Guatemala and el Salvador were dumped on the local school systems and taxpayers?
Just overlay a map of the refugees relocation zones and one of the outbreaks of "68" and it will be clear what the costs of waived health screenings for these border violators is....

Anonymous said...

So tell us where did it come from? I didn't see a source mentioned in the story. What did I miss?