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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vote YES On Scottish Independence – Scotland Finally Has A Chance To Get Free From The British

Scottish voters finally have the opportunity to fulfill William Wallace’s dream of a Scotland that is free and independent of England forever. All they have to do is vote yes next week. Without a doubt, a divorce from the British would be quite messy, and life would probably be more comfortable in the short-term if Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom. But hopefully the people of Scotland are looking beyond short-term concerns. Today, the United Kingdom is a horribly repressive Big Brother police state that is dominated by bureaucratic control freaks. You can hardly even sneeze without violating some kind of law, rule or regulation. And the London banking establishment is at the very heart of the debt-based global financial system which is enslaving so much of the planet. Scotland finally has a chance to get free from all of this. All it is going to take is a yes vote on Scottish independence.

It looks like it is going to be an incredibly close vote. Recent polls show that the result could go either way. Needless to say, this is causing the British establishment to freak out quite a bit.

For example, a couple of large banks have attempted to sway the vote during this past week by publicly declaring that they will have to move to England if the vote for Scottish independence is successful…

The Royal Bank of Scotland announcedThursday that it is making contingency plans to move its legal incorporation to England in the event of a “yes” vote. In addition, Lloyds Banking Group said it had made arrangements to establish “new legal entities” in England should voters in Scotland decide to sever ties with Britain.



Anonymous said...

typical, the bankers are backing the establishment. gee I wonder why. hope the scots tell them to f'off!

Anonymous said...

up ur kilt. long live Scotland. ....FREEDOM.

Anonymous said...

The UK is a big brother police state for a reason.This is a bad move if it goes through.The world is not the same as when Wallace lived.England was pretty much all he had to worry about and it proved too much then.Now external terrorism poses a threat that Scotland cannot cope with alone

Anonymous said...

It will be so nice when this country splits up, the stupid liberal nuts in the east, and California, then us southerners, Texans, and the rest! No national debt. either, cuz no USA !!!

Anonymous said...

7:23 you ever been to England and / or Scotland? England's filled with terrorist and Scotland isn't. screw England. they need to rebuild Hadrian's wall to keep the animals out but this time it's to keep them in England where they belong!