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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Partisan divide seen in federal judges' Obamacare votes

Appointees of Democrats, Republicans act predictably in health care law court challenges

Predicting whether Obamacare survives its latest battery of court challenges could be as easy as looking at the judges making the decisions — and the presidents who appointed them.

A Washington Times analysis of the votes cast by dozens of federal judges in appellate courts since the 2010 law was enacted shows that while Democratic and Republican appointees were evenly represented in the cases, they differed dramatically in how they ruled.



ginn said...

I'm glad someone else has finally decided to write about this. It's been as obvious as the sun to anyone who'd actually look at some the absurd and wrongful decisions made by liberal appointees.

Anonymous said...

This just proves that Democrat/liberals put party before common sense and country.
They are scum that will never admit they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

That's why all judges should be elected not appointed so they could be held accountable. Honor and integrity are as foreign as our Muslim president.