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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Motorist Photographs Off-Duty Cop as She Pulls Gun While Driving Down Freeway

A photo posted to facebook shows an off-duty LAPD officer allegedly brandishing a pistol while driving on the eastbound 60 Freeway, east of downtown Los Angeles.

The photo was taken Thursday and then posted to the ABC 7 facebook page.



Anonymous said...

Harass me going down the highway see if I pull a gun.
What good is a gun locked in glove box or trunk?

lmclain said...

PRISON for you or I.....a big laugh and an extra donut for her back at the station.
The citizen who complained? He/she is now on a "list", with their picture posted in the barracks for extra "attention" (read: provoke them in a bogus 'traffic stop' in order to administer a beating/arrest/death from 'resisting').
I wonder what would happen to the citizen if they had pulled out their own, bigger handgun, or just blew her head off ("I was afraid!"). Or does that BS excuse only work when cops kill someone?
I already know the answer.
Who doesn't think the police believe themselves above the law?
Keep cheering....

Anonymous said...

Second that 3:16!

The fact is, we do not need these SOCIOPATHS with a BADGE. They are criminals that citizens need protection from!
The picture clearly proves that fact.
Teach a cop a lesson. Refuse them service, shun their families in schools, churches, social events and everywhere possible.
Defend yourself against their pathological aggression. They are demented immoral scum that all deserve the treatment. Some for being the sociopaths they are, the rest for putting up with the bad apples and closing ranks to protect them.

Anonymous said...

And their union keeps them from being fired....

Above the law and beyond accountability....

Anonymous said...

"...LAPD officer allegedly brandishing a pistol while driving..."
How in the hell can you say allegedly when you're looking right down the barrel of it? Who in the world is liberal enough think like that? As a former FAA official said, "Who're gonna believe your lying eyes or the gov't?"

Anonymous said...

Bring on Big Brother...we are already there.

Anonymous said...

You and I would already be in a cell tonight pending some serious bail money, if any.

Yet the "I hate ALL PEOPLE" protect and serve until you're bleeding a lot crowd goes home safely every night.