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Thursday, August 07, 2014

More Crap From Annapolis: Tell You What, Write Your Own Letters In Support Of What YOU Stand For & Spread The Word

Weeks ago, before all the headlines, Maryland's Governor Martin O'Malley began conversations with senior White House officials, local leaders in Maryland, and members of the Maryland Congressional delegation to establish a plan to care for some of the children fleeing violence in three Central American countries.

Marylanders are compassionate people, and Maryland families have taken in more children per capita than any other state in the country.

Governor O'Malley has suffered attacks for speaking forcefully about the humanitarian crisis on our border. But none of us can be silent if we expect Congress to have the courage to act, and we must make our voices heard today.

Will you write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper encouraging Congress to ensure these children are treated humanely and given the chance to make their case for asylum in front of an immigration judge?

Three years ago, Maryland passed the Dream Act. There was a heated debate with a lot of ugly rhetoric, but it passed in the legislature and the people of Maryland ratified it at the polls.

Governor O'Malley has always believed that our diversity is a great strength. Stand with him in this fight by writing a Letter to the Editor of your local paper.

Thank you for taking action.

Oscar Ramirez
Vice Chair, Maryland Democratic Party


Anonymous said...

Has anyone received the call for the Maryland Survey yet? They said it is regarding the ISSUES IN MD and the upcoming election! They keep calling for my husband!

Anonymous said...

How about we write a letter and tell them to send their ass back! We have enough children on the government teat.

Anonymous said...

MOM has SUFFERED ATTACKS for his beneficent position regarding alien invaders? The American citizens - people of MD and especially Baltimore City have been SUFFERING under MOM for decades now.

Letters to the Editor - LOL the SETTING SUNPAPER or the DAILY DEMOCRAT - please submit your letters en Espanol.

Anonymous said...

Ironically Oscar Ramirez is a Hispanic like the rest of those freeloaders trying to get in our country for those free goodies Obama and the Democrats are offering.

Anonymous said...

" establish a plan to care for some of the children fleeing violence in three Central American countries."

How did the Hispanic children happen to flee violence in three Central American Countries at one time?

Boy you bunch of soft hearted liberal idiots will fall for anything.

Anonymous said...

Send Oscar Ramirez back to Mexico with rest of the illegals.

Anonymous said...

Ok liberals, keep pushing. America can not survive as a total welfare state. Obama's goal is a welfare state relying totally on the Government which basically is Socialism. If he is allowed to grant amnesty to all these illegals who will vote Democrat, we are done. He must be stopped. Folks, we have a serious problem here.

Anonymous said...

Obama and regime have been advertising in Latin America for years using American tax money to tell illegals how to come here and how to apply for benefits. This was news several years ago. No one believed it. Now look.
This is not a border crisis. It is a constitution crisis designed and inacted by Obama and his minions!

Anonymous said...

send them all home. thanks sjd