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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Marion Barry's Response to Reporter Confronting Him Over Unpaid Tickets May Just Show Everything Wrong With Washington

“In this town, we decide what’s important and not important at the station and in the community. And with all the stuff going on with the City Council up here, this going on over here [motioning], going on over here, you know. You’re talking about parking tickets? Thats’ ridiculous!”

So went the response of controversial former D.C. mayor and current city councilman Marion Barry. And it may just sum up everything that’s wrong with Washington and the attitude of lawmakers in the nation’s capitol.

The remarks were directed toward local WTTG-TV investigative reporter Emily Miller, who wastrying to find out why the politician (and “Mayor for life“) hadn’t paid over $600 in outstanding parking tickets for a car with “Ward Eight” plates. The tickets were from 2013-2014. And as the news outlet would come to find out, he actually owed much more — about four times more.



Anonymous said...

Let's give this a little thought , Marion Barry was elected mayor of D.C. years ago.
He was elected by a black majority who wanted a leader that was an image of the D.C. residents .
Obama saw the chance after studying the Barry election , it worked to the demise of the Nation. So , you have it ladies and gents , appeal to the ignorant and criminals which are about 50% of the population , you will succeed .

Anonymous said...

Thinks he's superior to everyone and can park where he pleases and suffer no consequences.

Anonymous said...

This is the center of the problem, the fact that people vote these criminals into office based on the color of their skin, and being in the "Choom Gang" , or any other gang, for that matter.

And more "voters" are allowed to cross the border every day.

Anonymous said...

Piece of trash

Anonymous said...

Like Obama he is a liar and a drug user.

Ironshire said...


Craig Theobald

Anonymous said...

when conveicted of his cocaine use, he stated, " the b*tch set me up". Need I say more.

Anonymous said...

old story we expect a different outcome?