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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Baby Bottles for the Change for Life Campaign 2014

The Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center in Salisbury, MD, is beginning its annual Baby Bottle Change for Life campaign on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, 2014, as afund raising effort to provide for the on-going needs of the Pregnancy Center.

Said Jackie Seldon, the Pregnancy Center’s Director, “Mother’s Day is a perfect time to begin this campaign to remind people that the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center is about the mothers as well as the babies, and that Father’s Day, on which we end, is about the fathers we assist, as well.”

This annual fund raising effort helps the center to provide material as well as educational and spiritual blessings and benefits to pregnant young women in the community, as well as to the babies,and their fathers.

Baby bottles may be picked up at the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center at 1300 South Division St., Suite C, in Salisbury, for use at your church. These bottles may then be distributed on Mother’s Day, returned on Father’s Day, and filled with the change from your pockets and purse in between.

To get your baby bottles for the Change for Life Spring Fundraiser, please call the Eastern Shore Pregnancy Center at 410-546-5433.

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