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Thursday, May 01, 2014

A Viewer Writes: Erik Steinacker

Joe, please post this A.S.A.P this man's name needs to be cleared, I feel awful for my part in this but as I have said before I have only ever gone by what I was told by the Police.

I have JUST received a message telling me that Erik Steinacker was NOT the man watching my child and grandchild on Easter Sunday and he does NOT live in Rustic Acres.
This was from a detective who has just viewed the report filed on Easter, he was investigated and it wasn't him.

The Police officer who told me it was him was WRONG and when he found that it was not Erik he should have done as he said he would and update us of any/ all changes, we put phone calls in last week for updates and we weren't told anything different.

The Police Officer who said he was now living in this neighborhood was also WRONG.

This is an innocent man who was wrongly accused of this particular crime and his name needs to be cleared.

I could not be sorrier for the pain and suffering my posts have inflicted on him and his family, I never intended to hurt them only protect my children and those in the community from someone that the police were telling me was responsible for watching my child and grandchild that Sunday and for loitering in a neighbors yard the previous week.


Anonymous said...

feel no shame lady, sex offenders can't be rehabilitated. It's only a matter of time before he strikes again. at least everyone now knows what Erik Steinacker looks like even if he doesn't live in your neighborhood. Keep up the good fight

Go as a Court Witness said...

Tell it to the Judge...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wait until you are accused of something without any due process. This is on of the real problems with instant news…no time to vet the story and ensure the facts are correct. Kudos to the OP that issued the correction but the harm has already been done.