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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WCEA Managers Update

Our First Week....

The interim managers have been hard at work the last week to assess the Association's current status and to determine the best way to move forward, together, as a stronger, unified Association.

Dr. Fredericksen contacted me Wednesday morning to suggest that we meet; Mr. Pavic then emailed me updates regarding negotiations. It’s clear that the administration has recognized the interim managers of WCEA, which is a big step in the right direction! We are in the process of identifying the negotiating team so that the discussions may resume, and this time with the support and expertise of MSEA.

Some other important updates:

1) We have established a Review Board to handle the recall process as outlined in Article XII of the WCEA Bylaws. We anticipate that the currently suspended officers and directors will individually receive copies of the charges in the coming days. Each will have an opportunity to respond. Upon receipt of the charges and the responses, the Review Board will prepare ballots for distribution to the membership. We are hopeful that ballots will be available for voting during the week of May 5, 2014. In order to recall officers, a majority of those voting must approve of the action.
2) It appears that Ms. Stephenson, despite her suspended status, will attempt to conduct a vote on April 28-29 regarding disaffiliation. Please be aware that, this vote has absolutely no validity. The March 19, 2014 Representative Assembly—the governing body of the organization—voted overwhelmingly to not take any actions to amend the Bylaws prior to the end of the 2014-15 school year. Therefore, Ms. Stephenson's proposed vote is out of order and is not binding on the Association.

Regardless, we encourage you to vote "NO" to accepting the proposed bylaw amendments to send a clear message that we are ready to put divisive tactics behind us and renew our focus on building a stronger association that leads to better working conditions, contracts, and schools.

Our understanding is that the vote will be conducted on an online platform with no ability to ensure that the vote will be limited to members or that members may only vote once. Rest assured that any votes overseen by the interim managers will have far greater security and will be respectful of the Association’s Bylaws and policies.

If there are any questions, please email me or call any one of the 9 interim managers. Thank you for standing strong.

Thank you,

Gary Hammer, BMS
Stephanie Lewis, Parkside
Nathan Sinclair, Technology
Ronald Hollis, Parkside
Kevin Johnson, Mardela Middle/High
Joanne Hoeffner, Mardela Middle/High
John McIntosh, JMB
Mary Antlfinger-Norton, Mardela Middle/High
Joan Smith, BMS


Anonymous said...

Interim managers = MSEA/WCBOE puppets

Anonymous said...

Where is the representation for Elementary school staff?

Anonymous said...

Illegal coop. Nothing legal about this. They have no authority to do this. No more than Russia had in Georgia or the Ukrain.

Anonymous said...

They had every right. Stevenson was a tyrant that needed to go. If this was the gov't, they would have sent in the SEALS and eliminated the threat.

This is a good move for Wicomico teachers. Let's move forward and end the year worrying about teaching the kids instead of in-fighting.

Anonymous said...

Kind of stupid to hurt the all the teachers in wicomico county just because you hate stephenson

Anonymous said...

Sheep..I actually feel bad for you. Where is the email addresses and contact numbers that the letter speaks of? This entire situation is unbelievable, and at whose expense...

Anonymous said...

For us layman non teacher typess ...if this means less money and power for a bloated educational cluster fornication we call the BOE ...CC and includes a big fat NO TO ANY DC edics and teachers unions.... but more focus on the frigging kids in the class rooms and the teachers who teach...I am all for it...

Anonymous said...

Can we extend this throughout the BOE and get rid of half the bloated executive oligarchy we now have worked ourselves in to? Cut Admin in half or more and we might have enough money to run a real school system!

Mark Stephenson said...

Why is everyone on here anonymous? I suppose it's easier to spew hateful stuff about others that way. I do wonder what you'll be saying when the dust settles. Most of you have missed the point of the whole debate. You have plenty to say about Kelly but I don't recall more than a handful of professional post taking up the real issue. And by the way, who actually legally verified the petition,chose the interim group... You call Kelly a tyrant for looking at options you and your board asked for but you bend over willingly for hand that picks your pocket for political gain. How many of you earn what the ED of MSEA earn? How many of you would contribute personally to the political candidates that they support with your money. Stick to the issues and leave Kelly alone, all she has done is follow the wishes of your organization, there are no loan wolves here.