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Friday, April 11, 2014

Volkswagen Halts Sales of Passat, Jetta, Bettle

A faulty seal is being blamed for Volkswagen's decision to stop sale of 25,000 Passats, Beetles and Jettas that came with a particular turbocharged engine.

The seal, called an o-ring, connects to the automatic transmission cooler. It can spring a leak, leading to the possibility the oil could catch on fire in vehicles that came with 1.8-liter turbocharged engines. But Volkswagen says in a statement that no accidents, fires or injuries have resulted from the glitch so far.

All the cars involved in the issue were made since Feb. 1.



Anonymous said...

The auto war is on and the perfect vehicle was never built.It's anyones guess as to which company will be targeted next.My guess is Hyundai,but I've been wrong before.In the early days revolutionary cars like the Tucker were in the crosshairs because it offered amenities that no other company offered & was waay ahead of it's time.Last night I watched "The Aviator" for my first time.Howard Hughes was no dummy.He was simply ahead of his time.Such vision is not politically correct in our society.Excessive sales potential invoke recalls.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is a Bettle? Never heard of one...

JoeAlbero said...

11:08, the mistake came from the original source we've linked to. Good catch!