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Friday, April 11, 2014

Colonel Nathaniel McQueen Jr. Announces State Police Promotions

Dover - Delaware State Police Superintendent Colonel Nathaniel McQueen Jr. announced the promotions of 17 Troopers during a ceremony held yesterday afternoon at the Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware. The promotions included all ranks from Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Captains, and also the appointment of 2 Majors and Lieutenant Colonel to the Division’s Executive Staff.

The following is a complete list of those promoted:
Major to Lieutenant Colonel
  • Monroe B. Hudson Jr.    Headquarters Executive Staff, Dover
Captain to Major
  • Jeffrey R. Evans                Headquarters Executive Staff, Dover
  • Robert C. Hawkins Jr.   Headquarters Executive Staff, Dover
Lieutenant to Captain
  • Robert A. Hudson II                 Headquarters OPR
  • Darren B. Short         Headquarters Planning
Sergeant to Lieutenant
  • Millard A. Greer                Troop 2, Newark
  • Charles E. Groce II             Troop 7, Lewes
  • Eric L. Hamm            Headquarters SBI
  • John J. McColgan                Troop 5, Bridgeville
  • Thomas Paskevicius              Troop 9, Odessa
Corporal to Sergeant
  • Gregory M. Earle                Troop 3, Woodside
  • Matthew P. Fuski                Troop3, Woodside
  • Mary E. McGuire         Troop 5, Bridgeville
  • John B. Mitchell                Troop 4, Georgetown
  • Jason L. Stevenson              Troop 5, Bridgeville
  • William R. Thompson III Troop 3, Woodside
  • William A. White                Headquarters Aviation


Anonymous said...

Go Monte lol Monnnnroe you have done well son.

Anonymous said...

Hawk you have done well also.

Anonymous said...

Good Job you all....very impressive of your promotions....