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Tuesday, April 01, 2014


If you have information on any of the cases below you are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758-0770 or email at

DATE / TIME: 03/19/2014 @ 2002 Hours
LOCATION: 115 Blue Jay Court, Stevensville
VICTIM: Cracker Barrel

NARRATIVE: Store Manager reported three white males were observed taking several items valued at $278 including two women’s shirts and a purse and leaving the store without paying. The three men were all described as late 50’s to early 60’s with grey hair driving a late 2000’s Chevrolet Trail Blazer with noticeable damage to the passenger side door and side panel.

DEPUTY: Deputy Charles Harris
CASE: 14-08407
DATE / TIME: 03/20/2014 @ 0438 Hours
LOCATION: 200 Block of Orchid Street, Stevensville
VICTIM: Charles W. Orem Jr. and Victoria A. Orem of Stevensville
Ginger M. Nicholson of Queenstown
ARREST: Charles William Orem III (19) of Stevensville
CHARGE: 1st Degree Assault (2 Counts), 2nd Degree Assault (3 Counts), Reckless Endangerment (2 Counts, MDOP

NARRATIVE: Deputies called to residence for an assault in progress. On arrival they found Mr. Charles Orem outside bleeding from his face and ear and stating that his wife was being attacked. Going inside the house, they located Mrs. Orem locked in a bathroom with Charles Orem III. She was bleeding from her face and nose. Both victims indicated they had been assaulted by their son, Charles Orem III.

Charles Orem III was taken into custody and removed from the house. He was bleeding from scratches to the face and ear and complaining about back & neck pain.

Deputies located a third victim, Ginger Nicholson who reported the suspect had been arguing with his mother and then suddenly began to assault her. Ms. Nicholson stated she attempted to stop the assault and was bitten on the hand and struck. She also reported Charles Orem III had struck the victims with his metal can and lamps.

The house had a large amount of damaged items including broken mirrors, figurines, doors and flower pots.

The three victims were all taken to Queen Anne’s Emergency Room for treatment. Charles Orem III was held on a $50,000 bond by a District Court Commissioner. At a Bail review it was changed to being held without bond.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Charles Harris
ASSIST: Cpl. Sean Hampton
CASE: 14-08450
DATE / TIME: 03/20/2014 (Reported)
LOCATION: Chester Harbor, Chestertown (QA) Maryland
VICTIM: Female (68) of Chestertown

NARRATIVE: Victim reported she had signed up for an internet security subscription in February. Once subscribed, she began to get numerous phone calls and emails from overseas. Charges to her credit card within a month was nearly $6,000. Victim is working with her bank and credit card company attempting to recover some of her funds. The suspects appear to be located in the middle east area.

DEPUTY: Dfc. Jason Rickard
CASE: 14-08519
DATE / TIME: 03/20/2014 @ 1700 Hours
LOCATION: Park & Ride West (Under Kent Narrows Bridge, Chester
VICTIM: Horace Young of Denton

NARRATIVE: Victim reported his 1997 Mercedes was “keyed” on the driver’s side while he was at work. Damages were estimated at $450.

DEPUTY: Deputy Chris Ahearn
CASE: 14-08523
INCIDENT: Unauthorized Use of MV
DATE / TIME: 03/21/2014 @ 0630 Hours
LOCATION: 100 Block of Little Glading Road, Millington
VICTIM: Alice V. Webber of Millington
ARREST: Sharon Lynn Thomas (47) of Millington
CHARGE: Unauthorized Use of MV, Theft, Driving while Revoked, Driving w/o Seatbelt

NARRATIVE: Victim reported sometime during the night her daughter had taken her 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix without her permission. Victim advised her wallet was also in the car containing $300.

Later in the morning deputies located the car being driven on Burchard Sawmill Road and stopped it. Sharon Thomas was taken into custody at that time. Ms. Webber responded to location to recover her vehicle and advised the $300 was missing.

At the scene Ms. Thomas was “patted” down by a female deputy and found to have a suspected crack pipe in her bra. She was charged with several traffic offenses, theft and Unauthorized use of MV. She was initially held on a $5000 which was posted.

DEPUTY: Deputy Andrew Neall
ASSIST: Dfc. Jessica Kellogg
CASE: 14-08575

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