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Friday, March 07, 2014

Wicomico Recreation & Parks Offers Boat Slip Rentals At Cedar Hill Marina & Nanticoke Harbor

Salisbury, MD - Wicomico Recreation & Parks offers boat slip rentals at Cedar Hill Marina in Bivalve, MD and Nanticoke Harbor in Nanticoke, MD. Annual and transient rates are available for both locations.

Cedar Hill Marina is located in the town of Bivalve along the Nanticoke River, about 15 miles from Salisbury via Nanticoke Road. The marina boasts 140 boat slips, transient slips, a dual concrete boat ramp for easy launching and a pump-out station. Cedar Hill Marina offers annual boat slip rentals (with and without water and electric) and a transient rate of $20 per night. For more information on Cedar Hill Marina, visit
10' - $689
10' - $832 (includes water and electric)
12' - $763
12' - $943 (includes water and electric)
13' - $1039 (includes water and electric)
14' - $1076 (includes water and electric)
15' - $1134 (includes water and electric)

Nanticoke Harbor is located about 20 miles from Salisbury via Nanticoke Road. Home to both commercial and recreational boaters, Nanticoke Harbor provides two boat ramps, a loading ramp and 68 boat slips along the scenic Nanticoke River. Nanticoke Harbor offers annual boat slip rentals (without water or electric) and a transient rate of $20 per night.
10' - $526
11' - $566
12' - $601
13' - $701
15' - $731
20' - $846

For information about slip rentals visit or contact Harbor Master Chuck Poole at 410-548-4870 or


Anonymous said...

It is not worth renting a slip from either of these places. There were multiple break-ins on various boats last year alone at Cedar Hill. I have personally tried dealing with Parks and Recs. for Wicomico County before and the service is horrible.

Anonymous said...

I've been there many years and never had a problem. Just got my renewal!

Anonymous said...

If out of state boats are kept there more than six months, Md
will insist you register and pay the sales tax on its value.(welcome to Md.)

Anonymous said...

What is parks and wreck doing in a business like this? Would this better be done with a contract where a private vendor can take on the risk? Oh, I forgot, its part of garys salary, and he has to have staff, and the city needs more taxable revenues to pay these gov employees. And they certainly compete with the private owners but pay no taxes, pay for the upkeep of the facilities which from the taxpayers, and they have no risks. Wow where to I sing up!

Anonymous said...

I've never owned a boat, but if did, I'd name it "Bow Movement".

Anonymous said...

Too high