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Friday, March 07, 2014

Ukraine: We All Get The Tyranny We Deserve

Ukraine: This place feels familiar. I’ve been here before.

Or maybe it just reminds me of another place. Was it Iran, 1953? Guatemala, 1954? Was it Congo, 1961? Chile, 1973? Maybe it was Iraq, 1990. Or Iraq, 2003. Or Libya, 2011. Or Syria, 2013. Or Vietnam. Or…..

Something seems so very déjà vu. Some regime that is not sufficiently open to the embrace of “Western love” and then there are mobs and then the US government and the UK government and their allies suddenly see the need to “do the right thing” and help the public rid themselves of a corrupt ruler and enjoy vibrant, sunshiny democracy. (No matter that this man was actually elected.)



Anonymous said...

You say "elected" , doesn't make a difference anymore. Elections are corrupt and will produce the demon they want.

Anonymous said...

Another definition of culture or many cultures.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is, it's better for the U.S. to control the world than it is for Russia or China to control the world. For all of it's faults the U.S. is still more benevolent than the Communist/Socialist autocrasy's we compete against.
The only problem now is keep the influence of the Communist Obama from completely destroying America before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Spineless "leadership" from Bush II and Obama allowed Putin to thrive. Mass stupidity at the very top of our country is our downfall.

Anonymous said...

9:53, how could you include Bush's name in the " spineless" leadership comment. Bush was a true patriot who might not have been the best President ever but at least he looked out for America. My guess is you voted for Obama twice, now you feel like and idiot and you try to compare Bush to obama to make yourself feel better. Apples to oranges. And to 8:24, its too late, obama's mission of destroying America is complete. It will take decades to repair his damage(if possible).

Anonymous said...

953 I'm curious as to what you believe Bush or Obama, or any president, was supposed to do to take down Putin

Anonymous said...

1007-Remember Georgia? That was when Bush II was in office. Crack a book for once in your life, and you'd quickly learn that Bush II will forever be considered on the lowest rungs of Presidential greatness. Both Obama and Bush were/are terrible Presidents.

749-I never said take down Putin, but allowing him to grow his influence/power, was a mistake both Presidents made. Both Presidents made concessions to Russia in order to advance failed foreign policy objectives.